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Saransk - is the capital of Mordovia, a small, but often mentioned in sports circles, colorful city with everything that is inherent in the megacities.

Blooming parks, charming views of the streets, sparkling fountains, shining domes of temples on the horizon.



By Train

Moscow to Saransk train departs daily from the Kazan railway station.

Moscow to Saransk train

🚆 Friday 21:32 - 7:10

Saransk to Moscow train

🚆 Sunday 20:43 - 6:03

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By Plane

Moscow to Saransk flights depart daily from DME (Domodedovo) and SVO (Sheremetyevo) airports

Moscow to Sarank plane

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Map and Transportation

The main means of transportation are buses, trolleybuses and fixed-route taxis.

To move around the city center you will be approached by buses going on 28, 18, 45 routes.

The route number is often written on the front or side window, the fare is 17 rubles.

Available car sharing services - Uber

You can also rent a bicycle.

1. University Square

2. Millennium Square of the Unity of Russia and Mordovia

3. Soviet Square

4. Fountain Walk

5. Pushkin Park

6. Cathedral of Theodore Ushakov

7. Museum of Military Glory

8. Museum of Polezhaev

9. Mordovian Republican Museum. S.D. Erzya

10. Local History Museum

11. Museum of Mordovian folk culture

Parks and Squares

In the center of Saransk are the main sights of the city, parks, squares, fountains, temples. Everyone can find something interesting for themselves.

University Square

Quarter, adjacent to Mordovia University. It is located next to the new building of the Universitet im. NP Ogarev and the tallest building in Saransk. It has a viewing platform with which you can look at the entire Saransk almost from a bird's eye view. On the square is the Mordovian Order of Friendship of Peoples.

Millennium Square of the Unity of Russia and Mordovia

The business card of Mordovia, this architectural ensemble is the new heart of the city. The main decoration of the square is a unique, 60 meter high fountain. In the warm season, he collects residents and visitors around him. Attention of guests of the capital will also attract a giant stone with a carved map of Mordovia of the tenth century and a sign suspension of the Rurik. Nearby there is a large number of restaurants and shops. For those who want to do shopping or eat nearby is "Ogaryov Plaza".

Soviet Square

The Sovietskaya Square, which arose in the 1940s, is a historical place uniting many monuments of history and architecture. On festive and memorable days, demonstrations, rallies, processions, festivities take place on the square. Annually the main New Year tree in the city is set here.

Fountain Walk

The first fountain ensemble of Saransk. It is a cascade fountains, decorated with beautiful flower beds with cascades stretching on each side from the Soviet Square to the entrance to Pushkin Park. Traditionally there are fairs and sales of souvenirs, paintings and products of folk and applied art. A great place to spend holidays and weekdays. Cool fountains and a small park nearby will be by the way a rescue from the heat and dangers for travelers.

Pushkin Park

Pushkin Park is today one of the best parks in Russia. It includes three sites: a recreation area, an amusement area, an event area. His shady alleys, a dense carpet of fragrant flowers, clean air attract visitors on weekdays and weekends. Once you have visited the park, you will understand that no story about him can replace bright, indelible impressions, warm and bright feelings, received from communication with nature, riding on attractions, cultural programs seen. There is also a zoo in the park.

Cathedral of Theodore Ushakov

Orthodox cathedral of the Saransk and Mordovian dioceses. Performed in Empire style with a neo-Byzantine dome, it is able to simultaneously accommodate more than 3000 people. The interior of the temple consists of an iconostasis, created from precious wood with subsequent gilding. At an altitude of forty meters around the central "drum" of the cathedral a comfortable platform is built, with a view to the whole of Saransk.

Price: Free Time: 7: 00 a.m.-7: 00 p.m.

Museum of Military Glory

The memorial museum, dedicated to its outlines, resembles the contours of the borders of Mordovia. The museum contains thousands of exhibits, unique documents and photographs, personal belongings of fighters, weapons, front letters, awards received by natives of Mordovia for feats in battles, archives of illustrious military commanders. Near the museum there is an exposition of military equipment in the open air: the T-54 tank, infantry fighting vehicles, guns, howitzers and anti-aircraft mount M-1. You are recommended to visit all who are interested in history.

Price: free Time: daily from 10:00 to 17:00


The rich history of Mordovia will not leave indifferent fans of history.

Museum of Polezhaev

The museum dedicated to the memory of the nineteenth-century Russian poet Alexander Polezhaev serves as the research center for studying the life and work of AI Polezhaev, serves as a repository of poetic and bibliographical works of the poet and his contemporaries, is the center for the propaganda of the literary heritage of AI Polezhaev and writers of Mordovia.

Mordovian Republican Museum. S.D. Erzya

The museum, opened on January 10, 1960, has the status of an especially valuable object of the national and cultural heritage of the peoples of the Republic of Mordovi. Collections are works of the classics of the national artistic culture: the sculptor Stepan Erzi, the painter Fedot Sychkov, the academician of portrait painting Ivan Makarov. Currently, the museum collection of more than 15,000 exhibits. Russian art, modern domestic, decorative and applied art of artists of Mordovia.

Museum of Mordovian folk culture

The collection of the museum includes almost four thousand exhibits and includes collections of Mordovian folk clothes, icons, ceramics, household utensils, agricultural implements, tools. The permanent exposition of the museum visually and vividly demonstrates life, everyday life, traditional Mordva rites, as well as the skill, taste and imagination of folk masters, creators of magnificent samples of folk and art amateur creativity.

2 days plan

2 days would be enough to see all the main city attractions. Downtown has a lot to offer to families and people who prefer to travel alone.
Our itinerary:

Friday. Day 1

Saturday. Day 2

Sunday. Day 3

Restaurants and shopping

Saransk will not leave indifferent fans good to eat. The city is abundantly sprinkled with a large variety of cafes, food courts, cafes and restaurants. So are the main networks of fast food: McDonalds, Subway.

In the city there are available places in any price categories, from budget canteens to elite restaurants.

Places can be divided into several categories:

Restaurants - If your goal is not just a quick snack, but sit and relax.
For dinner, you can look into such places: Big Pig, Rosmarin, Kaban and Brukva, Mordovian Compound.

Coffee Shops - Quite new, but actively developing for Saransk.
Recommended: Alex Cafe, Prokofiy, Coffee Like

Pizza - the city has more pizzerias with excellent quality and wide choice per person than the whole of Italy.
Recommended: Dodo Pizza, Olivia, Italiano

Food Courts - This group is represented by dining and food courts in Ogarev Plaza and in the district. Ideal for those who are on a budget, fast and cheap.

Fastfood - As well as the previous group, cheap fast food today is represented by several options, both Russian and foreign cuisine.